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At Actuation Lab we are modern day inventors utilising advanced materials and techniques. Using the latest design methods, materials, and rapid manufacturing, we are rethinking the mechanical hardware that keeps process industries moving. Whether it is flow control solutions or zero-wear mechanisms, the technology we develop is designed for longevity and to reduce the impact on our planet, whilst increasing efficiency and lowering cost.

Innovation for Longevity

Actuation Lab’s core technology is the Callimorph® actuator. The Callimorph® is a single-part pneumatic actuator designed to last twice as long in harsh environments as the established technology. With the support of Innovate UK, the National Composites Centre and the OGTC, we are developing the Callimorph® as the first zero-maintenance actuator for valves and HVAC systems in the energy and process industries.

Innovation for Net-Zero

Working closely with the energy industry, we identified a flow control technology that is contributing over 300,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions in the UK every year. With the support of the SBRI Sustainable Innovation Fund we are applying our design practices to produce a hardware solution that will stop these greenhouse gas emissions, moving the energy industry one step closer to Net-zero.

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The Team

Ground-breaking engineering research should change industries, not line bookshelves. Driven by this mutual belief, Michael, Tom, and Simon spun Actuation Lab out of the University of Bristol. The team is supported by SETsquared incubator and the OGTC TechX accelerator on their mission to build future-proof mechanical hardware for our evolving process industries.

Dr Simon Bates

Dr Michael Dicker

Dr Tom Llewellyn-Jones
Head of R&D

Dr Steve Kitson

Matthew Hollis
R&D Engineer

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